Mission and goals

Our mission

The mission of BCSD Hungary is to promote  sustainable development among their members and other actors of the Hungarian economy, thus generating new and innovative thinking for improving their competitiveness, which eventually should contribute to the sustainable development of the economy, to the quality of life and the preservation of the environmental and natural resources.

Our goals

To participate actively and constructively as a credible and authentic business forum in the dialogue and cooperation with other business, civil and governmental organizations on the issues relating to Hungary’s sustainable development.

To promote the changes in the policy, legal and economic framework for favouring and supporting those companies, products, services and technologies, which contribute to the sustainable production and consumption.

To provide forum for the introduction and exchange of experiences in the field of business sustainability results and best practices, as well as to the elaboration of member projects.

To spread and to communicate the members’ voluntary environmental or social projects, actions, success stories towards key decision-makers, the business community and the general public.

To fully exploit for our members the valuable potential within the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in terms of experience, participation at various events and projects, networking, etc.

To raise awareness about corporate sustainability towards all business actors and the future managers, economists and engineers, through seminars and lectures.