Business Solution Award

The purpose of the Business Solution, Business Model Change Award is to recognize and widely disseminate innovative activities, that contribute to the SDGs, even those that are different from the company’s core business, which helped to adapt to the atypical situation, preserve jobs, restart the economy and operate more sustainably.


  • Application: 31 July 2021, 23:59
  • Notification the finalists: 11 September 2021
  • Announcement of the results and award-giving ceremony at BCSDH Business lunch on 7 October 2021

Each solution should be described and submitted on a different application form. Following receipt of application candidates will receive a confirmation email.

How and under what conditions can you apply?

Frequently asked questions and answers.

The application form can be filled online, but it is possible to cancel the filling in, even to continue from another computer.

Deadline for submission of final online applications: 31 July 2021 at 23:59