For a Sustainable Future Award

‘For a Sustainable Future’ Award 2022

To recognize the outstanding corporate and leadership performances contributing to the SDG’s and to the systems transformation


The current situation poses serious challenges for business. This should encourage us even more to act quickly, to make our systems more sustainable.
‘For a Sustainable Future’ Award will be announced this year, focusing on the areas where companies have the greatest impact on systems transformation.

We would like to inspire companies and their leaders to integrate sustainability factors into their business decisions, and to create solutions which go beyond business as usual and which can be rolled out to other business operators so we can make a real impact. The current situation has highlighted the importance of sustainable operations to make companies resilient.

We now have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place, but we only have a short time to act, to transform our companies and our societies. The rapid, credible and exemplary actions by business leaders aimed at accelerating the sustainability processes and initiating system-wide changes, as well as the innovative new business models introduced, all of which are commendableWe would like to reward these also with this award this year and make them known to a wider audience. 

Applications and nominations are accepted in 3 main categories:

Applications and nominations can be made online on the subpages of each category. The filling in of the online application forms can be interrupted and saved and can even be  resumed from another computer.

The officers and members of the board and supervisory board of BCSDH cannot be nominated.

  • Deadline of application/nomination: 31 July 2022 23:59
  • Notification of finalists: 11 September 2022
  • Announcement of results and award-giving ceremony at BCSDH’s business lunch: 13 October 2022

The evaluation procedure:

Submitted applications will be evaluated by a professional jury, which members are:

  • Gábor Bartus Dr., secretary general of NFFT (National Council for Sustainable Development);
  • Irén Márta, managing director of BCSDH;
  • Szilvia Krizsó, media specialist;
  • István Salgó, honorary president of BCSDH
  • Diána Ürge-Vorsatz Prof. Dr. , professor of CEU, vice president of IPCC’s work team.

The jury members will individually and independently evaluate tenders. According to the individual evaluation sheets, BCSDH will calculate the points awarded to each nominee, and return the score to the jury. The jury shall then draw up a list of the finalists, from which, after consultation, a prize-winner will be chosen.

BCSDH reserves the right not to make an award in any category for which the quality of entries is not deemed to be of high enough quality.

The jury has the right and opportunity to classify the application in another category if it deems it necessary.

The quality and reliability of information will be emphasized in the evaluation process. Please strive to include the most relevant facts.

All or part of the applications may be published on the website.

You can find the winners of previous years here.

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