For a Sustainable Future Award

For a Sustainable Future Award 2019

Three categories, seven winners.


BCSDH will also announce the ‘For a Sustainable Future’ award in 2019 with the purpose of recognizing and disseminating to a wide audience the activities of leaders and companies in the field of sustainability. The goal of the prize is to promote and increase the contribution of business to meeting Sustainable Development Goals.

The BCSDH’s ‘For a Sustainable Future’ award is the first prize to evaluate corporate sustainability solutions and leadership responsibility efforts in a complex way, in cooperation with acknowledged experts.

Applications and nominations are accepted in 3 categories:

  1. Business Solutions
  2. Change Leaders
  3. Leading Women

The first and second categories are open to all companies that operate in Hungary. The third category is only open to our member companies.


• Application/ nomination: 31 July 2019 23:59
• Notification of finalists: 13 September 2019
• Announcement of results and award-giving ceremony at BCSDH’s business breakfast on 10 October 2019


  • Dr. Gábor Bartus
  • Szilvia Krizsó
  • Irén Márta
  • Diána Ürge-Vorsatz
  • István Salgó

You can find the winners of previous years here.

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