Our philosophy of membership

Our members believe that by integrating social and environmental impacts with financial results, businesses will lower their risk profile, make better decisions.

As business adapts to an unprecedented rate of global change, BCSDH membership gives businesses the value, impact and voice to navigate this change and prosper by transforming themselves and the world.

BCSDH is inclusive – we don’t judge a company by its legacy. If a company is serious about improving sustainability in their business practices and will contribute to collaboration on sustainability across sectors and countries worldwide, then they are a welcome member of our network.

Our membership offers for businesses:

  • An opportunity to meet and to cooperate creating value with responsible company managers who are committed to the topic

  • Access to the professional materials, research results and studies of the BCSDH and our global network organization the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)D

  • Access to international and domestic information on sustainability-related events, trends, regulations, and their expected effects

  • Getting to know and sharing hundreds of corporate and sustainability business solutions

  • Free participation in BCSDH’s professional programs and CEO round table discussions

  • The possibility of delegating 2 people to the unique ‘Future Leaders’ Talent Program

  • Publication of the company’s sustainability news and results on our websites and newsletters

  • Participation in sustainability-related research and other professional consultations

  • Additional, unique, company-tailored sustainability services and programs

  • Representing the topic of corporate sustainability at policy forums, conferences, and in the media