For a Sustainable Future Award

To recognize the outstanding corporate and leadership performances contributing to the SDG’s and to the systems transformation

The business and the surrounding world are changing rapidly, constantly challenging companies. This should encourage us even more to act quickly and transform our systems to be more sustainable.

‘For a Sustainable Future’ Award evolves in line with the changes in the business environment, responding to current challenges. This year, the award will be announced this year, focusing on the areas where companies have the greatest impact on systems transformation.

We would like to inspire companies and their leaders to integrate sustainability factors into their business decisions, and to create solutions which go beyond business as usual and which can be rolled out to other business operators so we can make a real impact. The current situation has highlighted the importance of sustainable operations to make companies resilient.

We now have a unique opportunity to make the world a better place, but we only have a short time to act, to transform our companies and our societies. The rapid, credible and exemplary actions by business leaders aimed at accelerating the sustainability processes and initiating system-wide changes, as well as the innovative new business models introduced, all of which are commendable. We would like to reward these also with this award this year and make them known to a wider audience.


  • Deadline of nomination/application: 31 July, 23:59

  • The jury’s decision: first half of September

  • Announcement of results and award-giving ceremony at BCSDH’s business lunch: 12 October

Professional jury

Dr. Gábor Bartus

Dr. Gábor Bartus

Secretary of NFFT
 Irén Márta

Irén Márta

General Manager of BCSDH
Szilvia Krizsó

Szilvia Krizsó

Media Specialist
István Salgó

István Salgó

Honorary President of BCSDH
Diána Ürge-Vorsatz Prof Dr.

Diána Ürge-Vorsatz Prof Dr.

Professor of CEU, Vice-Chair of IPCC


Applications and nominations are accepted in 3 main categories:

* Only in these categories: Circular economy / Climate protection and adaptation / Conservation and restoration of biodiversity

** In these categories, the application is only valid together with the payment of the HUF 48,000 + VAT registration fee

Applications and nominations can be made online on the subpages of each category. The filling in of the online application forms can be interrupted and saved and can even be  resumed from another computer.

Previous years’ awardees:


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