Become a member

The intention to join is approved by the Board of the BCSDH. By signing the declaration of entry, the participating company accepts the support of our mission and vision and joins our Sustainable Corporate Management Guidelines, expressing that they agree with the principles, wish to lead by example as well as manage their companies accordingly.

Membership conditions

  • It is a legally and operationally independent company registered in Hungary.

  • The company is represented by top and board level managers with full responsibility for sustainable development.

  • The company appoints a contact person to maintain contact with the BCSDH and ensures the commitment and involvement of its member company.

  • The company intends to actively participate in the work program of the BCSDH by making its in-house expertise and appropriate human resources available to the organization.

  • The company actively supports the goals of the BCSDH and its work plan approved by the board, and participates in its surveys.

  • The company participates annually in the sustainability maturity survey.

  • The company prepares an annual sustainability report (in independent, integrated, or combined form) or ensures the availability of financial and non-financial indicators representing the company’s performance.

  • The company agrees to pay the annual membership fee, the amount of which is determined by the yearly General Assembly.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee in 2024 is HUF 550,000 (VAT free).

Application process

Any company registered in Hungary and doing business here can apply to join the Business Council. We look forward to the involvement of the leaders of all companies who are committed to business operations in accordance with the principles of sustainability in the work of the Council.

To apply are needed:

– Completing the membership application
– Signing of the Recommendation for business leaders: A complex interpretation of corporate sustainability by the top manager of the company wishing to join
– Acquaintance with and acceptance of the Articles of Association
– Personal meeting with the head of the company.

After submitting by email the completed membership application, please the printed and signed version send to the Association’s address (1118 Budapest, Ménesi út 9/A.) or to the director Irén Márta at After the personal meeting and conversation, the admission requests will be judged by the Association’s presidency and we will send a written notification of the decision.

Irén Márta

Irén Márta

General Manager