Our partners

The cooperation of the scientific, regulatory, economic and civil spheres, as well as the valuable professional support and contribution of partner organizations, are essential for the development of more sustainably operating systems. We strive to continuously expand and strengthen the partnerships established with key stakeholders, which are decisive for BCSDH’s success and sustainability as a whole.


The parent organization of the BCSDH is the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), thanks to which we have direct access to international trends, the latest international results, professional materials and the professional work and experts of the WBCSD. The Global Network of the WBCSD is an association of more than 60 business organizations similar to the BCSDH worldwide, which also supports effective regional cooperation.

The Executive Board of the BCSDH is made up of the top managers of the member companies. Our working groups are also led by our members, ensuring full commitment and participation. Our programs are mostly financed by our member companies through our support system, but occasional cooperation with our partner organizations also helps us to achieve an even greater impact.

Our working groups and professional programs are assisted by invited scientific and civil experts so that the results can be truly broadly based.

Cooperation with BCSDH provides partners with a unique opportunity to participate in high-impact, action-oriented programs.

For the regulatory sector, it offers a significant professional, diverse industry, constructive platform for cooperation with the private sector, understanding of business thinking and priorities.

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