Professional programs

Our goal is for model changes to take place along the lines of our professional programs and business solutions to be born in Hungary that have a real impact on climate change and, through their extension to other companies, can provide real answers to domestic challenges.

Time to Transform 2030

Companies must be at the forefront of change. Now is the time to act.

BCSDH’s Time to Transform 2030 program, which is starting now and will define the decade, a tight timeframe for the fundamental and immediate transformation of our systems, with companies playing a leading role.

Built on the achievements of Action 2020, Time to Transform 2030 seizes the change and turns words into actions for a fairer, more flexible and sustainable future.

Race to Zero

The focus is on immediate action, and BCSDH helps the business sector in this. The transition to climate-neutral operation and climate adaptation are an important task for any given company in any industry and a factor that significantly affects the competitiveness of the business sector. For this purpose, BCSDH helps companies make concrete commitments and find business solutions.

‘Future Leaders’ Talent Program

The challenges of the future are largely sustainability challenges that all company managers and employees must know and manage. Based on this consideration, BCSDH launched the Future Leaders Talent Program based on the Future Leaders Program of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The aim of the program is to help potential business leaders who are currently talented professionals to understand the complexity of corporate sustainability and to enable them to incorporate sustainability into their future decision-making processes.

Circular Economy Platform

The shift to a circular economy represents a great business opportunity. The core of the concept is not yet deeply recognized by most companies, although the use of this model can increase the resilience of the world economy and facilitate the achievement of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Circular Economy Platform was officially established in Hungary in 2018 as an initiative of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH), the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology.


In order for systemic changes to occur, transparency is essential, so that investment and financial decisions are made taking into account sustainability aspects. Incorporating ESG criteria into decision-making is increasingly vital.

The goal of our ESG working group is to help companies understand, measure and manage risks, exploit competitive advantages and explore new opportunities by understanding environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) information.

International projects

We achieve some of our professional goals through international projects, hand in hand with our partners. These projects are important tools for expanding the impact of BCSDH.

Working Groups

BCSDH offers a unique platform for business to collaborate non-competitively to deliver high-impact, actionable solutions to the SDGs’ most challenging sustainability issues.

Our working groups are led by our members, ensuring full commitment and participation. Our programs are largely financed by our member companies through our support system, but occasional support from our partner organizations also helps us achieve an even greater impact.

Scientific and civilian experts invited to our working groups and professional programs help to ensure that the results are truly broadly based.