In order for systemic changes to occur, transparency is essential, so that investment and financial decisions are made taking into account sustainability aspects. Incorporating ESG criteria into decision-making is increasingly vital.

The goal of our ESG working group is to help companies understand, measure and manage risks, exploit competitive advantages and explore new opportunities by understanding environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) information.

We do this by creating collaborations, using specific tools, guidelines, case studies, and developing training opportunities so that ESG performance indicators can be integrated into general business and financial systems over time.

We work together to improve decision-making and reporting, enabling the entire financial system to transform, benefiting truly sustainable and transparent market players.

The company managers unanimously consider it important to incorporate ESG criteria into the company’s decision-making, and the members of the working group jointly defined the annual goals based on the emerging challenges and needs.

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Reforestation at the Grundfos Székesfehérvár site

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"Sustainability has always been a matter of the heart for Grundfos and is one of our core values. Therefore, we strive to pioneer solutions to the world's water and climate challenges and improve people's quality of life. This corporate goal…

Sustainability (ESG) performance measurement

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"At Grundfos, ensuring the complete and accurate provision of sustainability data and its integration into the company's operational and performance measurement processes is of paramount importance to us. In 2022, we introduced Sphera Cloud,…

Natural Office Park

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"We believe that humans are a part of nature and feel at home where they have a direct connection with it. The Park was conceived in this spirit, and to this day, we continue to develop it based on this idea. We are building modern offices,…

BÉT ESG Services for SMEs

"ESG compliance is increasingly becoming a competitive factor, even for small and medium-sized enterprises. Budapest Stock Exchange, as a central player in the Hungarian capital market, considers supporting the domestic SME sector as one of…


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