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About Action 2020 Hungary

The Action 2020 Hungary program is the Hungarian adaptation of the global Action 2020 program of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development – WBCSD.

The Action 2020 Hungary program has multifold effects:

Sustainability is not only fostered through the identified business solutions and the results of the practices of member companies, but through the process of the program itself which is based on dialogue, shared thinking, scaling up and continuously challenging ‘business as usual’.

In 2014, BCSDH worked on adapting this program to local conditions. The following process chart describes the most important steps of this process.

Over the next few years the WBCSD will shape its activities around Action2020’s nine Priority Areas. It will work with and for its members and support them in their efforts to contribute to reaching the ’Societal Must-Haves’, and ultimately, our Vision 2050.

 It’s the roadmap for how business can positively influence environmental and social trends while strengthening their own resilience to issues like climate change, demographic dynamics and skills shortages. Based on the latest scientific consensus, Action2020 sets an agenda for business to take action on sustainable development to 2020 and beyond.

The program’s official website is

Our goal with the Action 2020 Hungary Program is to create a common platform for facilitating a discussion about the challenges related to sustainable development. We therefore do not only want to engage in ad hoc activities such as publishing brochures or holding events, but we would like to create an ongoing dialogue which will last several years, starting from 2014.

Action 2020 Hungary videos:

You can watch the Food & Nature video 2020 here

You can watch the Water video 2019 here

You can watch the Sustainable Lifestyles video 2018 here.

You can watch the Employment video 2017 here.

You can watch the Climate Change interview video 2016 here.

You can watch the Action 2020 video here.


Action 2020 Hungary broshures:

The Action 2020 Hungary 2020 Food & Nature bochure: download.

The Action 2020 Hungary 2019 Water brochure: download.

The Action 2020 Hungary 2018 Sustainable Lifestyle brochure: download.

The Action 2020 Hungary 2017 Employment brochure: download.

The Action 2020 Hungary 2016 brochure: download.

The Action 2020 Hungary 2015 brochure: download.

The Action 2020 Hungary 2014 brochure: download.

The organisation selected the five most relevant areas in Hungary of the nine Action 2020 areas WBCSD identified, which it intends to focus on in the near future.

1) Climate change and air pollution: priority topics are CO2 emission, GHG and other emissions, low carbon society/economy, resilience.

2) Employment: priority topics are skills, knowledge, training and job creation; unemployment, equal opportunities in employment; social cohesion, ensuring basic needs and rights.

3) Water: priority topics are water resources, biodiversity, sustainable water management.

4) Food: priority topics are sustainable agriculture, nutrient load, food safety, food loss and waste.

5) Sustainable lifestyles: priority topics are shifting consumer needs, demands and behaviour towards sustainable products and services.

The selection criteria of Hungarian focus areas are the following among others:

  • It is connected to the prevailing goals of national economy and/or
  • It is a problem or objective identified through scientific concord, and
  • The business sector has significant current and potential role, learning, spreading and developing business solutions is key in the given area.


Sponsors of the Action 2020 Hungary program in 2019: