Andrea Koncsikné Káli

Andrea Koncsikné Káli 

Communication Leader, ESG Coordinator; BDL-Pureco Group

The executive summary of the nomination – with the original, unchanged text

How would you describe the nominee in three words?

Committed, conscious, responsible

Brief summary of the rationale – Why do you consider the nominee suitable for the award?

The nominee has been working in the field of environmental protection and environmental sustainability for over twenty years, leading and directing the sustainability efforts, mindset-shaping, and informative activities of prominent players in the corporate, governmental, and civil sectors for over 16 years. In her role as corporate communications leader, she strives for sustainable solutions, the use of digital tools, reducing the company’s carbon footprint, greening the corporate office, expanding employees’ knowledge of sustainability, developing ESG strategies, and creating corporate CSR programs. In addition to her corporate position, she plays an active role in implementing the Hungarian Water and Wastewater Association’s water value program, planning and implementing mindset-shaping, awareness-raising campaigns, educational solutions, participating as a speaker in events related to sustainable urban water management, and supporting the sustainability efforts of corporate and association leaders with her professional knowledge.