Business Transformation Award

Recognition for the greatest progress made in achieving sustainable operations

The purpose of the Business Transformation Award is to recognize and showcase companies that are increasingly integrating the principles of sustainable corporate governance into their business operations and reward the company that is taking critical steps to transform its business model . By doing so, these companies contribute to accelerating systemic transformations and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Please present in your application the systemic changes that have taken place within your organization in line with the sustainable corporate governance principles of BCSDH during the recent period.


  • Application: 31 July at 23:59
  • Notification the finalists: first half of September
  • Announcement of the results and award-giving ceremony at BCSDH Business lunch on 12 October

In the case of the Business Transformation Award, the application is valid upon payment of the administration fee (48,000 HUF + VAT), which can be transferred based on the invoice sent after the submission of the application.

We will send a confirmation to the provided email address upon successful submission of the application.

How and under what conditions can you apply? (File downloading in Firefox currently is not working.)

Frequently asked questions and answers. (File downloading in Firefox currently is not working.)

The application form can be filled online, but it is possible to cancel the filling in, even to continue from another computer.

Deadline for submission of final online applications: 31 July at 23:59