The Winners in 2020

The winners of the “For a Sustainable Future” Award in 2020:

Change leader award:

Ágnes Kovács
managing director
Sió-Eckes Kft.

Ágnes Kovács is an exemplary individual, both in human and professional terms, who strengthens her company with innovative, forward-looking solutions. Her outstanding activities have been demonstrated both in terms of business results and the management of people. Her focus is on promoting sustainability, which cannot slow down even during a pandemic. In recent times, the health of workers and the retention of their jobs has been a priority for her.

Social responsibility award:

The Subsidies provided by Coca-Cola Hungary in the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic” program earned the award for its extremely quick response to the pandemic. During the program, significant financial and professional support was provided to the Red Cross. Business goals were subordinated to a nobler goal, while employees were also involved in volunteering tasks. In addition to helping inform society, the mobilization program also helped those in need. The award was received by Péter Kerekes, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Hungary, and László Békefi, Managing Director of Coca-Cola HBC Magyarország Kft.

Generali’s “Life-long partnership during a pandemic” program really attracted the jury’s attention. The program is a rapid and complex response that has enabled corporate operations to become COVID-resistant, while clearly demonstrating the company’s commitment to internal and external partners. Generali offers a number of material and operational solutions that make life easier for both partners and customers. The award was received by Mihály Erdős, CEO of Generali Biztosító Zrt.

Grundfos’ “Safety and stability in the time of a pandemic” earned the Social Responsibility Award. The complexity of their approach is clearly reflected in the program, and it is evident that the spirit of partnership is of paramount importance, with a focus on stakeholders. The health of employees is a priority, and Grundfos has also provided financial support to local hospitals. The award was received by Olivér Szundy, Managing Director of Grundfos Magyarország Kft.