Action 2020 Hungary – Cycling towards a more sustainable lifestyle

How will 9.8 billion people be able to live and prosper on Earth
in 2050 within the boundaries that nature defines? The solution
lies in making our lives more sustainable. We are trying to
find solutions to this daunting challenge not only on a worldwide
scale, but also here at home in Hungary.
Even in Hungary there has been an upward trend in the number
of consumers who are demanding sustainable products
and services. Demand is increasing for healthier, greener, more
sustainable goods, as it is also for the solutions offered by the
sharing economy. Additionally, sustainably operating companies
and brands perform better than the average. There are
huge opportunities in using our resources more efficiently.
Firms cannot neglect these changes, but need a change in perspective:
We need to cut our ties with the linear model and
look at waste as an asset and restructure production processes
accordingly, even at the early stages of product development.
We also have to make sustainability a brand.
We at BCSDH, with the leaders of our member companies,
make two proposals for businesses that are seeking to reach
their goals in terms of sustainability:
1. Change business models to make sustainable products and
services more competitive
2. Shift consumer demand towards sustainability through
Changing “back” to the circular economy will open the door
towards a more flexible and sustainable future. In order to
spread the use of the model, our organisation is promoting
the creation of a Circular Economy Platform. It is our mission
to support our member companies as they become not only
followers but active pioneers of changes in future and global