Irén Márta

Managing Director

Iren Marta is an economist and sustainability specialist with significant international experience at multinational companies from different sectors. As the Managing Director of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary, she promotes the acceleration of the transition to a sustainable economy and encourages knowledge-sharing, and cooperation between actors of the Hungarian business sector, the scientific and regulatory sphere. She believes that sustainable, responsible corporate operations are a competitive advantage and the only option in long term. Both in her work and private life, she strives to spread and support good practices as widely as possible. Her extensive knowledge and experience was gained in international companies (Holcim Hungária Zrt., 2005-2015; Legrand Zrt., 1997–2004) in the fields of sustainability, corporate relations, change management and integrated communication, which can be applied in the everyday life of BCSDH. Her professional work in disseminating the principles of sustainable construction in Hungary was recognised with two prominent, international awards in 2011: the Sabre Award and the European Excellence Award. Her credo is positive motivation, believing that building value on individuals can achieve real changes. She sees herself as a motivator, she was pleased to share her skills at nearly 500 lectures, and she is happy to take mentoring tasks. In 2017, she was selected as Ambassador of Corporate Sustainability. She is a founding member of many decisive organizations, such as the Hungary Green Building Council and the Hungarian Panel on Climate Change. She works in the professional juries of renowned sustainability awards.