Kinga Recsetár-Maioli

Service Design Manager

Kinga holds MA degrees from communication-media studies and CSR management from Corvinus University of Budapest and Budapest Business School. With 10 years of multinational and 6 years of regional and global leadership experience behind her, decided to focus on her “side job” and join BCSDH. While focusing on lean transformation, automation, and operational excellence in her leadership roles, she also held additional roles such as Eastern European Volunteer Council Leader and later Country Sustainability Leader. The NGO sector is not far from her either, as a volunteer leader she has worked on numerous projects in collaboration with numerous local and global NGOs. She is committed to spread the culture of pro bono volunteering and integrate pro bono elements into the corporate culture. She represented GE’s Eastern European region at several international conferences on the subject and gained professional recognition for the company. For Kinga, individual responsibility, commitment and awareness raising are paramount, as the decision makers are also individuals who can drive the change.