ALTEO has launched its waste management division

ALTEO has been committed to sustainability since its foundation, and this approach transcends the company’s business strategy and thus it’s activities. In accordance with this, the Waste Management Division was established at the beginning of January 2019, which, in addition to the business aspects, will also be able to produce positive results in terms of environmental and sustainability objectives.

ALTEO has gained insight and experience in the waste management and waste management market thanks to it’s activities in the Energy Production and Energy Services business. As a result, the company listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange decided to expand it’s scope of activities with it’s waste management and waste disposal profile.

Anita Simon has been nominated as the leader of the division. She has 15 years of professional experience in the environmental industry in Hungary and in the EU as a sustainability specialist, business executive and waste trading entrepreneur.

The new field of activity will be the third profit center in addition to Energy Production, Operation and Maintenance, and the Enterprise and Project Development Division. By setting up, the company aims to further expand it’s presence in the energy recovery market.

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