ALTEO’s first public e-charging station was delivered

The first publicly available electric charging station was presented on 19 May in Tiszaújváros, by courtesy of ALTEO. At the station, two vehicles can be charged at a time, up to 22 kW per hour. It is a milestone for the city as well as for ALTEO: it is the first electric charging station at ALTEO’s portfolio.


ALTEO’s (listed at the Budapest Stock Exchange’s Premium category) environmentally conscious activity is based on the utilization of renewable energy sources. It has now expanded its portfolio with the electric charging station in Tiszaújváros. It is the city’s first charging station, accessible by everyone, 24 hours a day. The city itself, however, is not unknown for the company group: ALTEO has been operating several power plants in Tiszaújváros for years: its 29 power plant portfolio also includes the heating power plant operating in Tiszaújváros.

The station has two charging points, allowing two vehicles to be charged at the same time. The full charge takes about 2-5 hours, and the charging power can reach 22 kW per charging point, depending on the vehicle. By installing the station ALTEO could contribute to an important step towards sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation in Tiszaújváros.

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