These boots are made for walking – personalized gifts from Allianz colleagues

Last Christmas, employees at Allianz Hungária, once again, proved their commitment to their responsibility for society. Unfortunately, in Hungary there are a lot of families who are deeply in need, being really poor, they live in extremely sad conditions. These families don’t have either money nor any other resources to purchase warm and water-resist boots for their children. In winter times, which in Hungary can be very hard, children go to school in sopping, thin shoes – no matter if it is raining or snowing. Of course, they easily become sick. That is why Allianz employees organized a „boot buying” activity, buying new and warm boots for 150 children!

The organizers asked the help of local social workers who gave a list about the children with name, footsize and age; so the children got personalized packages. The colleagues were so nice (usually a little, 4-5-membered team chose one children), they felt a real responsibility for these children, so they completed the packages with for example: thick socks, chocolates, little toys, they wrote them short, kind messages. The colleagues of Allianz Hungária loved this activity so much, they proved their humanity again.

Not much to say about the outcome: The pictures of happy kids’ faces and pleased employees taken by Allianz colleagues speak for themselves, don’t they?

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