Cinematic experiences – bird protection and sustainability

As part of its series of sustainability programmes for employees, MAVIR has made several short films having been made available to the general public. We have captured a variety of themes and special moments on our video sharing channel, drawing attention to the fragility of nature’s balance and, consequently, the importance of sustainable operation. Among the topics, we reported on the crane migration in Hortobágy, the Wild Goose Festival of Tata, while the footages shot at the veterinary station of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden, our partner in the rescue and rehabilitation of birds, as well as our activities in the LIFE Danube Free Sky Project – installing bird diverter assemblies over the Danube with the help of drones and the study of bird mortality along transmission lines with a tracking dog – were also included.

Action for the protection of migrating birds with the help of drone technology and tracking dogs

After the ones at Gönyű, Győr, Ercsi and Szigetcsép, another section of the transmission line became bird-friendly: almost 600 bird diverters help the safe migration of birds at the Danube crossing in Százhalombatta. Work over the rivers requires a unique solution, for which we use drones, and, because of the complexity of the task, two drones perform the task parallely: one watching the transmission line and navigating the other that is picking up and installing the bird diverter assembly. This requires the coordinated and precise work of two pilots. In order to plan protection against collision, ornithologists also studied the mortality of birds under the transmission line sections to be found in the Fertő-Hanság and Danube-Ipoly National Parks with the help of tracking dogs. Activities of the LIFE Danube Free Sky Project, encompassing seven Danube countries (Austria, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia and Hungary), aim to make transmission lines over the rivers visible, with the next step of making the section of the just mentioned transmission line across the Little Danube visible for birds.

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