Coca-Cola HBC Hungary has won Trade magazine’s the Symbol of Sustainability 2020 Award

The professional jury granted The Symbol of Sustainability 2020 award to Coca-Cola HBC Hungary in the corporate category. In the competition being organized by Trade Magazine for the first time, the company presented their approach to sustainability and their efforts in the fields of environmental protection and corporate ​​social responsibility.

The goal of the competition is to introduce as many successful projects as possible each year that contribute to a more sustainable future. Commitments, improvements, and investments either on corporate level or relating to a specific brand that set examples for market participants, and the company’s customers and consumers as well.

Sustainability and social responsibility are essential parts of Coca-Cola HBC Hungary’s business model and corporate culture. The aim of this approach is for the company to ensure its long-term business efficiency and value creation, while acting in accordance with their sense of social and environmental responsibility and their core values.

At the heart of the sustainability strategy presented in the competition is a World Without Waste. As a market-leading beverage manufacturer, the company considers it a priority to support the reduction of packaging waste and its recycling as much as possible. PET bottles produced by Coca-Cola HBC Hungary are 100% recyclable, and in addition to reducing the weight of bottles, the company committed to collect and recycle the equivalent of a bottle or can for each one they sell by 2030.

This is not the only award the company has won recently: the Zero Waste Tisza River programme previously received several international recognitions: it has won the International Public Relations Association (IPRA)’s award in two categories at the Golden World Award present in 80 countries; the company’s activity has also earned recognition from the international Communitas Awards and the HBLF Business World for the Environment Award.

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