Cothec starts energy program officer services

On 21 December 2016 Government decree 393/2016. (XII. 5.) entered into force. The new regulation amends Government decree 122/2015. (V. 26.) on Energy Efficiency, therefore companies are obliged to receive energy program officer services as follows:

Companies will be obliged to receive energy program officer services, the average annual energy consumption of which over 3 years before the subject year exceed

  1. a) 400 000 kWh electric energy
  2. b) 100 000 m3 natural gas
  3. c) 3 400 GJ heat volume.

The Energy program officer’s scope of duties are listed in details by the decree. Duties include: participating as professional observer and consultant in regular energetic audits, giving recommendations for energy efficient operational solutions and energy efficiency development options, preparing statements and monthly, annual reports about energy consumption and effects of delivered developments, performing tasks related to energy purchase and energy security.

Last year Cothec Energetikai Üzemeltető Kft. carried out energetic audits as certified energetic auditor company under Nr. EASZ-01-3/2015 for numerous major companies, supporting them to find cost efficient energy utilization solutions.

  • our goal is to improve energy efficiency by technical development and by advanced operational circumstances,
  • currently we perform the operation of more than 200 MW built-in equipment,
  • in Hungary, as a result of delivered efficiency improvement projects, the annual reduction of CO2 emissions of our customers amount to 15.000 tons

For more information regarding to free of charge information and service quote also for the energy program officer services please contact: and tel.: +36 96 335 816

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