Donations continuing to gather at the terminals of Budapest Airport

The passengers of Budapest Airport donated nearly 2.5 million HUF to three charitable organizations in the space of a single year. Proceeds from the money boxes placed at the terminals of Budapest Airport are currently used to support the activities of the International Children’s Safety Service, WWF Hungary and the Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation. The airport operator introduced its new donation policy at the beginning of last year; a total of 6 new money boxes with a uniform appearance were placed, and an invitational tender was conducted for charitable organizations operating in Hungary, in order to receive a share of the proceeds.

During the handover of the donations collected in 2014, WWF Hungary was represented by director Katalin Sipos, the International Children’s Safety Service by deputy chairman Péter Harrach and the Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation by communications manager Zsolt Molnár. As agreed between Budapest Airport and the three charitable organizations, the money collected at the airport will be used in a targeted manner, i.e. on a large project by each beneficiary. Accordingly, passengers’ donations will contribute to organizing the Children’s Safety Service’s traditional equestrian therapy race held in Fót, a large international volunteer sending conference and the protection of the natural habitat of the wolves gradually re-settling in Hungary.

The donations were handed over by Gábor Szarvas, community affairs, environment, health & safety director for Budapest Airport, who thanked passengers for their unselfish support. “We are delighted to acknowledge that the new donations policy introduced last year is working well at the airport, and that our initiative seems to resonate with travelers,” he said. “We thank passengers for their generous donations. We are certain that they are happy to support the noble causes and initiatives selected as part of our policy,” he added.

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