Dreher Breweries signs virtual energy trading contract for renewable electricity

Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of Dreher Breweries’ operations, including its production processes. We continuously monitor and improve our environmental performance from raw materials to consumption. We pay particular attention to environmentally conscious water management, reducing our specific energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, reusing and recycling packaging and responsible waste management. We are constantly looking at areas with further potential for improvement and investing to realise them.

Asahi Europe & International (AEI) has made strong sustainability commitments and we are continuously working both regionally and locally to achieve these targets:

At Asahi Europe & International, we have ambitious plans to have 100% renewable electricity by 2025 and become carbon neutral within our breweries by 2030, as part of our Legacy 2030 commitments.

In line with this, as part of AEI’s regional cooperation, Dreher Breweries and independent energy supplier Enery signed a 10-year cross-border Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA), which is another step towards more sustainable operations.

From January 2025, Enery will supply Dreher Breweries with certified renewable electricity, based on an annual volume of around 14 GWh, as agreed in the contract. This landmark agreement is the second VPPA agreement between Enery and AEI subsidiaries and will support the development of renewable energy in Central and Eastern Europe.

“The virtual energy trading agreement between Dreher Breweries and Enery represents another important step forward and a significant commitment towards our Legacy 2030 goal of becoming carbon neutral across all our breweries by 2030 and across our entire supply chain by 2050. Together with our partners, we are more committed than ever to creating meaningful connections with people and the planet,” said Paolo Lanzarotti, CEO of Asahi Europe & International.

For more information on AEI’s sustainability efforts and Dreher Breweries’ sustainability achievements, click on the links.