Exciting news in sustainable transportation in Hungary!

Shell Hungary continues to expand its electric vehicle (EV) charging network, announcing the launch of the first six Shell Recharge electric charging points, which will be located at local Tesco parking lots, according to previous agreements.

These fast, convenient, and reliable charging stations offer electric car owners the opportunity to charge their vehicles comfortably while shopping. The Shell Recharge network starts with 36 charging points in Tesco parking lots, with continuous expansion planned over the upcoming months to achieve nationwide coverage by the end of the year, catering to all EV charging needs.

The new charging stations are already implanted in Tesco hypermarket parking lots, providing both regular and fast charging options. Customers can charge up to six vehicles simultaneously from three charging stations at each location. The AC (alternating current) normal chargers are ideal for longer parking periods, while the DC (direct current) chargers serve faster charging needs on the road or at charging stations.

Shell’s self-operated, fast, convenient, and reliable EV charging service can be easily initiated on-site in various ways. Customers can initiate ad-hoc charging with contactless payment through the payment card terminal or, after scanning the QR code displayed on the charging pillar, by providing the bank card details. Shell Hungary’s contracted fuel card partners can start charging with the Shell Hybrid fuel card, and roaming partners with their roaming service provider card through the Shell Recharge application.

Additional information about the Shell Recharge network and electric car charging is available on the https://www.shell.hu/autosok/elektromos-auto-toltes.html website and through Shell customer service.