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For the second time this year GE hosted a two-day Pro-Bono Marathon in Vaci Greens, where 20 GE Volunteers worked on given problems of the 4 civil organisations who were invited based on successful previous collaborations. In cooperation with the National Volunteer Centre (ÖKA), GE experts from Global Operations, Capital, Energy Management and the Simplification Team, they hosted the following organisations; Három Királyfi, Három Királylány Mozgalom, Értelmi Sérültek Gyöngyház Egyesülete-Szederfa Lakóotthon, and ÖKA to address their areas and processes to be improved. The GE Volunteer team and the Autisták Országos Szövetsége already have tangible results from the first Pro-Bono marathon where they defined exact action plan for the implementation of an Info Point project that has recently been successfully realized.


In the future GE plans to extend the scope of this collaboration and establish a long-term mentorship with the civil partners, since they already follow up on how the organisations manage to sustain the knowledge gained during the workshop. The aim of the initiative is to further promote skill-based volunteering and knowledge transfer instead of focusing on typical hands on volunteering. The upcoming marathon is proposed for next spring, and in the meantime GE aims to enhance its civil partnerships even more.


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