Hungaricool by SPAR is again accepting applications from Hungarian compa-nies

After two successful rounds, SPAR has announced their third “Hungaricool by SPAR” product competition. As in previous rounds, they are looking for Hungarian products which are either newly-developed or have not yet been sold in retail chains. The company offers mentorship to the successful applicants whose products will be introduced to customers and sold in INTERSPAR stores.

“SPAR has always been an advocate for Hungarian farmers and products, and they support the Hungarian economy and trade market with initiatives like “Hungaricool by SPAR” which is launching this year for the third time. The popular and successful business initiative seeks out newly-developed or already existing Hungarian products which are not very well known, that also comply with sustainability standards. After a professional assessment, up to ten companies or sole traders will be chosen to be represented in INTERSPAR stores. This is a big market and successful applicants will also receive extensive marketing support. The previous two rounds have demonstrated the motivation of up-and-coming producers who were planning on taking their product to market. We strongly believe that this opportunity of a trustworthy partnership will attract many Hungarian producers who make competitive products to test themselves. Our customers will find the best products on the shelves of INTERSPAR stores in 2022,” explained Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR Hungary.

The deadline for applications for the “Hungaricool by SPAR” 2022 product competition is 9 October 2021. They are hoping for applicants with unique products that are made in Hungary, have no existing distribution capability, and satisfy customer demand.  SPAR Hungary will help the winners of the food and non-food categories to go on the market by utilising 35 INTERSPAR hypermarkets.

The conditions of applications and the details of the tender are accessible on Hungaricool’s website ( To submit the application, the following form must be filled using the link:

As a strategic partner of RTL Klub’s “Cápák között” business TV show, SPAR will keep looking for contenders for the Hungaricool prize in the next season of the program, however, applicants of Hungaricool don’t need to apply to take part in the TV show to be considered. The experiences of the previous season showed that being on TV brought exceptional reach and fame for the winners of Hungaricool which helped the further success of the companies who have been selected.  ChiliYard is an example of a successful applicant who also appeared on the Cápák között TV show.

SPAR’s professional panel will pre-assess successful tenders. Like the first competition, the jury consist of professionals specialising in food and beverage production, as well as in environmentally friendly technologies or transport. The experienced mentors will make the final decision at the end of the year. There are several important criteria such as innovation and uniqueness, environmentally friendly packaging, and sustainability. When assessing marketable quality, potential customers will be able to taste products and share their opinions.

This year the winner will be notified by 30 December and will be able to attend an in-depth mentoring and training program. Following this mentoring program, the products will be on the shelves of INTERSPAR stores as soon as possible. Judit László, Commercial Manager of Házikó Farm Kft. which produces Funky Forest juices said: ”Hungaricool by SPAR program was a great opportunity for our team. We knew from the beginning that we will have to live up to some high expectations, but the quality of the training was even better than we expected. We received a professional, well-designed training program which helped us overcome some of our issues as a new company and improve our internal processes.”

Áron Bálint, owner of SPAR hypermarkets’ regular supplier Spájz Szörp Kft., emphasised that their lives have fundamentally changed due to the initiative of the retail chain. ”Hungaricool by SPAR is an innovative programme that fills a gap in the practices of retail chains.  It is a unique opportunity for brands like us. We owe them a great gratitude for their efforts. Flexibility, patience, openness, and a good understanding of the mechanisms behind business processes are attributes in a corporate culture which have an important influence on SPAR’s competitiveness.”

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For more information please contact:

Márk Maczelka, head of communications

SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. ∙ 2060, Bicske, SPAR út

Mobile: +36 20 823 7891 ∙ E-mail:

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