Our Newest member is OTP Bank

Our newest member is OTP Bank, founded in 1949. represented by Dr. Sándor Csányi, with a nearly HUF 500 bilion total revenue in 2020, with nearly 9 600 employees. OTP Bank is a dominant credit and financial institution in the Hungarian banking sector. As a service provider, their goal is to provide financial services tailored to responsible and fair customer needs.

OTP Bank’s environmental protection activities are regulated by the Environmental Protection Regulations, which ensure compliance with the law and the implementation and integration of environmental aspects into the Bank’s business activities. The regulations also contain rules for enforcing the guidelines for environmentally conscious procurement. OTP Bank Nyrt. is committed to increasing the efficiency of resource and energy consumption and reducing the use of paper, which is supported by digitalisation with efficient, measurable results. They implement awareness-raising campaigns to raise environmental awareness for their employees. The OTP Group defines its responsible operation as a responsible employer of stable management and the labor market as an active participant in society. It places great emphasis on meeting expectations and meeting business ethics requirements in addition to meeting legal requirements in order to protect customer interests and operate fairly, ethically and transparently.

The aim of their membership is to think together, to promote sustainability / ESG aspects, to represent their interests and to establish professional relations in this regard.

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