Milestone in electric aviation with Siemens Zrt. contribution

Siemens Zrt.’s R+D team played a significant role in the development of a purely electric aircraft brand-named eFusion. The first machine was developed by the company in cooperation with Magnus Aircraft Zrt. The single-engine two-seat aircraft enabled both for instruction and emergency training first took off on 11 April 2016 from Kecskemét-Matkópuszta airport.  The official presentation took place a few days later, on 20 April on the opening day of the “AERO 2016” International Trade Show for General Aviation in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Dr. Frank Anton, Siemens AG’s director of the electric aircraft development division also attended the event.

“The successful maiden flight of eFusion was a true milestone in electric aviation. It can help us make pilots too aware of the practical strengths of electric drive“, Anton said.

efusion 2

The aircraft will serve as a flying test bed for our further battery system optimization.

“Siemens Zrt. set up its research and development division only three years ago, and one of its major projects so far has been the development of purely electric drive for eFusion. Thanks to the creativity and innovative skills of our young engineers we are on the right track to become a real competence center and to cooperate in the future in numerous projects with the parent company and our partners, including also Magnus”,  Head Siemens Zrt.’s research and development Dr. Gergely György Balázs said commenting the announcement.

The aircraft with its current net weight of 410 kg fits all sports aircraft categories (UL, LSA, VLA). This means that not only a truly versatile product has been developed for many practical uses, but eFusion created in a Siemens-MAGNUS partnership is also unique in terms of matching the criteria of several categories.

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