Network for electric vehicle chargers in the CEE Region

The European Commission proposed to invest €2.7 billion in 152 key transport projects that support competitive, clean and connected mobility in Europe. One of the projects selected for receiving EU financial assistance, EUR 19 million, is NEXT-E project initiated by a consortium to which MOL Group belongs.

The consortium, consisting of MOL Group, E.ON Group, HEP, Petrol, BMW and Nissan applied for the European funds to install a charging network for electric vehicles across  Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania enabling electric cars a full access across the whole region. This supports MOL Group’s 2030 strategy to become a regional leader in alternative fuels as well.


In the implementation phase of the NEXT-E project more than 250 fast (50 kW) and ultra-fast (at least 150 kW) chargers are planned to be installed along main highways, with a maximum distance of 150 kms.

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