Our new member: BASF Hungary

At BASF we create chemistry for a sustainable future

The chemical industry is a major supplier of new technologies, materials, precursors, ideas and know-how applications. This makes the necessary basis for the industrial innovation system. We give suggestions and initiatives for new products and processes in virtually all sectors and industries. Our innovative products reach almost all areas of life: health and nutrition, housing and construction, energy production and its use. BASF deals with new technologies with due responsibility. Our innovations give initiatives for new products and processes in other sectors and industries that contribute to the overall improvement of living standards.

Energy efficiency and sustainability

BASF is the first company in the world to voluntarily compile data on their greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis. Our goal is to improve climate protection and help our customers reduce their own carbon footprint. When calculating the emissions of greenhouse gases, BASF applies the principle of product life cycle, in other words, analyzes the entire life cycle of company products. BASF not only takes into account emissions from its own domestic production facilities, but also raw materials and intermediates; including the ways of production and transport as well as the disposal of chemical products at the end of their usage. The resulting carbon footprint is the indicator that helps consumers to decide on the purchase and the usage, based on its impact on the environment.

Social responsibility at BASF
BASF is aware of this responsibility and takes an active role in shaping sustainable development in its sphere of influence. CSR is an integral part of our understanding of business, and is being increasingly integrated into our business processes. It includes the monitoring and mitigating of risks in order to support the existing commercial areas and create new ones. With this approach, we equally change the ecological, social and economic environment in the specific business activity in order to provide benefits to firms as well as to society. One of the many projects of BASF, which are allocated in Hungary is children’s laboratory “Kids’  Lab”, an interactive educational program about chemistry. The project is designed for children aged 6 to12 years to give them knowledge about chemistry and science through practical chemistry experiments. BASF Kids’ Lab gives children the opportunity to explore the world of chemistry through simple and safe chemistry experiments, which may in the future stimulate their interest in science. This is just one of many BASF activities in improving relations with local society, as well as enhancing future generations.


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