Paper bags replace plastic in SPAR’s bakery sections from May

SPAR is taking another step towards its sustainability goals: from the 19th of May they will discontinue the use of 100% plastic wrapping and bags in their bakery sections and will switch to ones that are predominantly made of paper. 

“SPAR has been committed to reducing environmental waste and are constantly working to reduce the amount of plastic used for their food packaging. We are currently testing the new biodegradable and compostable bags which replace the old plastic ones in the fruit and vegetable sections in some of our stores, and now we are replacing the 100% plastic bags used in the bakery sections with paper bags in all SPAR and INTERSPAR stores around the country,” explained Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR Hungary.

With the more regular use of paper bags that have plastic windows, less plastic is being used which helps reduce the amount of environmental waste. SPAR has already implemented several alternatives to help customers use environmentally-friendly accessories when they do their shopping. This includes the introduction of multiple use bags for bakery products, fruit and vegetables, as well as encouraging customers to use their own bags or to avoid using any bags and wrapping at all.

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