The ReWater drinking water treatment container of BDL, Pureco and Budapest Waterworks won the prize of Water Innovation of the BWS 2016 Expo

As part of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 (BWS 2016) a Sustainable Water Solutions Expo was held aiming to display internationally recognised water management technologies.

Recognising the fact that water-related business entities as well as representatives of the academic and scientific sectors can significantly contribute to the development and to the improvement of the aquatic environment, the co-organisers of the Expo, the Hungarian Water Cluster and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade will present the award of the “Water Innovation of the BWS 2016 Expo”.
Application for this Award was open to exhibitors and speakers of the Innovation Day of the BWS 2016 Sustainable Water Solutions Expo to nominate their own innovative equipment and/or technology. Pureco and Budapest Waterworks as exhibitors submitted an application about the latest common development: the ReWater drinking water treatment container.
From the entries the international evaluation committee – consists of international water professionals: Head of Unit for Water and Marine Resources in JRC Directorate D – Sustainable Resources, Director, Freshwater Program of WWF, president of ICSU, representatives from the Presidential Office, director of Water Unit of Hungarian Chambers of Engineers, rector of Eötvös József College, president of European Water Associations and member of the streering group of EIP Water – awarded Pureco and Budapest Waterworks with the prize of  Water Innovation of the BWS 2016 Expo.
On the award ceremony, Mr Giovanni Bidoglio, Head of Unit for Water and Marine Resources in JRC Directorate D – Sustainable Resources, highlighted in his appraisal the importance of this innovations as it offers local solutions and access to drinking water for everyone even in risk areas of water scarcity.
The system that is able to produce drinking water even from biologically pre-treated waste water is equipped with the latest technological development operating with Reverse Osmosis technology, installed after suitable physical-chemical pre-treatment.
From the treated water BDL produces potable water with remineralization: disinfection and replacement of trace elements.
The compact, modular, cost-effective solution is available in container, flexibly used the modules in accordance with local environment and the given task.
ReWater container is easy to install where it is most needed such as high risk areas of water scarcity, contaminated freshwater sources, in case of disaster and havaria, etc.
The Master Unit has been tested in October and November this year in the Central WWTP of Budapest and thanks to the accurate and precise engineering and manufacturing work BDL can proudly say that from the pre-treated waste water of Central WWTP they were able to produce clean, healthy drinking water!
On the Budapest Water Summit 2016 Expo not only the ReWater container has been exhibited but visitors can taste ReWater as well.
Development of ReWater, after long preparation work, started at the beginning of 2016 as a cooperation between Pureco Ltd. (they were responsible for the technological development), BDL Ltd. (for engineering and development work) and Budapest Waterworks (responsible for manufacturing and logistic), and this award represents the success of the collaboration and hard work.

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