SCA Hungary was awarded for its corporate social responsibility program

In an award ceremony in the end of November 2014, SCA Hungary was awarded for its corporate social responsibility program. “The prestigious award is the acknowledgement of all the efforts of SCA colleagues for the execution of the program. This is how SCA’s Care of Life concept has been put into practice.

SCA Hungary started a strategic cooperation with Bethesda Children’s Hospital to build a dormitory for mothers who want to stay with their children while staying in hospital. Children can pull through the hard medical treatments and recover more easily close to their mother. The goal was well defined, the actions were well planned and executed while SCA could mobilize all the local business units (Incontinence Care, Consumer Goods and AfH Professional) involving also the business partners, consumers and its own employees.

Win-win for all parties
Our efforts proved to be successful, using our communication resources and marketing expertise the hospital could collect enough money to start construction. “We must emphasize the sustainability element behind our CSR activity. Sustainability means it should be win-win for all parties therefore by definition we cannot just give away money,” says Zoltán Venter, Country Manager SCA Hungary.

SCA Hungary’s “Health is our joint mission” program has deserved the award because it is successful, efficient, and sustainable which is a model for other companies. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of SCA Hungary next year we can be proud not only for our business results, but also our sustainable social responsibility which is an additional success factor in the forthcoming years.


Proud representatives from SCA Hungary receiving the award, from left: Zoltán Venter managing director, Dóra Pessenlehner Libero brand manager, Gyula Markovics Public Affairs manager, Personal Care, Judit Sándor trade marketing manager, László Molnár commercial director of personal care  and Dezső Tápai sales manager AfH Professional Hygiene Europe.

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