SPAR popularizes the domestic products

The protection of good quality Hungarian products, the importance of supporting the domestic producers has increased particularly because of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. SPAR Hungary has been dedicated long ago for the domestic products and its producers, therefore the company joined to autumn period of the campaign Buy the domestic! Protect the domestic!.

„The pandemic has created a new situation in the domestic food market, in the retail trade. The epidemic endangers countless companies, the work and the living of many people. However, community partnership and the support of domestic products help the industry players to successfully go through this challenging period. SPAR Hungary, who is dedicated long ago to the Hungarian products, joins again to the campaign Buy the domestic! Protect the domestic! and participates actively in popularizing the products produced in Hungary” – said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication at SPAR in connection with the initiative of Magyar Termék Nonprofit Kft. (Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd.).

The Hungarian Product Nonprofit Ltd. has launched a campaign to call the attention to how important is to help each other now, to buy domestic products. The success of the campaign is proved by the thousands of private persons and the almost one hundred companies producing domestic products who joined until now” – explained the reason of the initiative Eszter Benedek, CEO of the company which runs the Hungarian Product trademark system. According to her, everyone has the opportunity to help each other also in this difficult situation, because with all of our shopping decision, we can contribute to that the members of our community can keep their jobs.

The customers entering into the SPAR stores become acquainted with the message of the initiative, which helps the conscious consumer decision supporting the domestic products and its producers. Besides SPAR Hungary, more of its suppliers has joined to the campaign as well, who are also entitled to use the logo #veddahazait (#buythedomestic).

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