SPAR programmes to support Hungarian enterprises win awards

The initiatives of SPAR Hungary in 2023 have been recognised with several professional awards. In addition to the company’s exemplary Regional Treasures (Régiók Kincsei) programme to support small-scale producers, several other efforts that focus on product quality and food safety also received professional recognition.

“For SPAR Hungary, a major actor in the retail trade sector, feedback from our customers is very important, as are the acclaims we receive in various professional competitions. I am delighted to announce that the company’s initiatives have been recognised with several professional awards in the past year and several of our products and two stores have also been awarded,” said Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR Hungary.

Effie Awards Hungary 2023: the Regional Treasures programme for small producers receives award

The Effie, also known as the Oscars of marketing since 1968, is a unique professional recognition that awards all forms of successful and effective marketing communication. Winning any level of the Effie has become a global symbol of achievement. Today, the competition is held in more than 50 countries around the world, with Hungary joining the in 2002.

SPAR Hungary won an award at Effie Awards Hungary 2023. The “Supporting regional small producers: Regional Treasures” campaign was awarded a Bronze Effie in the category Social Campaigns – CSR – Brands, Companies / Doing Good. The SPAR Regional Treasures programme offers local producers in the Hungarian agricultural sector the opportunity to put their products on the shelves of the retail chain, providing customers with access to high-quality Hungarian food produced in their regions.

The Regional Treasures programme creates value

The fourth instance of the DoingGood – CSR Award was announced to companies with initiatives to promote corporate social responsibility. The SPAR Regional Treasures programme received the “special mention” acclaim.

Delicious and tasty SPAR fresh chicken breast fillet

The Maradok a pénzemnél (Stay on My Money) blog put one of the most popular meat products, the nationally available fresh chicken breast in trays, in protective packaging and available over the counter, to the test. These products were cooked without salt or seasoning, cooked in natural style and then tested for texture, taste, aroma and other criteria. Out of 17 products, the SPAR Master Good chicken breast fillets came second. In addition to this, the SPAR Hungerit chicken breast fillet and SPAR chicken breast fillet from the counter were also ranked favourably.

Exemplary management of frozen food items in two INTERSPAR hypermarkets

The INTERSPAR hypermarkets in Nyíregyháza (László út) and Nagykanizsa achieved excellent ratings in the “Szupermenta retail unit – frozen food department” test of the National Food Chain Safety Office. This confirms SPAR’s commitment to food safety and quality control. Also, these two stores are now entitled to use the Szupermenta mark of the authority. In the rigorous test, authority inspectors examined the freezer equipment and the packaging of products in 30 different retail outlets. They also checked shelf life dates and the way frozen food is stored.