The capacity of ALTEO’s portfolio of renewable energy sources has nearly doubled

ALTEO has expanded its portfolio of renewable energy sources with a wind farm consisting of 13 turbines, with a total power of 25 megawatts. Due to this acquisition, ALTEO now has four wind power plants, and its renewable energy portfolio has a capacity of over 55 megawatts.

As a result of the latest acquisition, the group will have a wind farm of 13 turbines, and 25-megawatt total power in Bőny. With the purchase of the wind farm, the company almost doubled the capacity of its renewable energy portfolio.

The company has significant experience in the profitable operation of power plants using renewable energy sources, as apart from the wind farm, the company’s portfolio includes wind turbines in Ács, Jánossomorja, Pápakovácsi, and Törökszentmiklós as well.

There is a great emphasis on power plants that are using renewable energy sources: the company has wind, hydroelectric as well as solar power plant. The capacity of the wind farm, the ongoing solar power plant project, as well as other renewable energy power plants owned by ALTEO, are expected to exceed 55 megawatts in total.

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