Toyota supports protective measures against coronavirus in Hungary by offering 20 vehicles for immediate use

Toyota Central Europe Kft. in Hungary assists the fight against coronavirus in Hungary with a generous offer – announced Máriusz Révész, member of parliament and head of the Action Group for Volunteering and Donations in Budaörs on Monday, 6th of April, at the company’s headquarters, after one of the leading players of the Hungarian automotive market, Toyota and its dealer network have offered 20 vehicles for use in support of the protective tasks against the coronavirus pandemic.

“Toyota’s Hungarian headquarters has offered a total of twenty passenger vehicles, people movers and vans for the period of the health emergency,” said Máriusz Révész. The head of the Action Group added: “After consultations held with professional organisations, a decision was made to send the vehicles – just as other donations – where they are needed most: to the National Ambulance Service, the pandemic hospital in Kiskunhalas and humanitarian aid agencies. The facility in Kiskunhalas will receive six vehicles for its employees to travel to service, and the humanitarian aid agencies operating as members of the Action Group may use eight vans for delivering donations.”

Toyota, in consideration of the pandemic situation, have channelled its sales activities to an online platform and concentrates its service activities on urgent repair/service works while complying with rigorous infection prevention measures. The dealer and importer test vehicles released as a result were offered to support logistics tasks pertaining to the defensive measures.

“The government will make available any resources required by those in the frontline of the fight against coronavirus, but such offers strengthen social cohesion. These efforts can be only successful if we join forces. We will find the best place for any donation received at the website and would like to also express our gratitude to the companies and individuals already providing altruistic assistance in the control of the pandemic,” said Máriusz Révész, head of the Action Group.

“We can use these vehicles for transporting both people and equipment, also for taking tests, which will considerably reduce the load on ambulance vehicles,” added Pál Győrfi, spokesperson for the National Ambulance Service.

“We are fully aware that protective measures against coronavirus present an unprecedented challenge for the state apparatus, which faces organisational tasks and the duty of making available the necessary personnel and equipment, constituting equally serious burdens. For this reason, it is natural that, in order to alleviate this burden, we offer our released test vehicle capacities, thus contributing to the success of the work of the heroically courageous staff of medical services and charities fighting in the first line.” said Richárd László, country director Toyota Central Europe Kft.

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