Tungsram CSR Report 2018 is Out

Please welcome our Tungsram CSR Report 2018 in which we have summarized the endeavours and successes of the first independent year (or rather 9 months) of our company in corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important factor in maintaining the esteem and reputation of Tungsram. Integration of CSR programmes and practices into our business model provides the opportunity for us to establish a valuable and sustainable culture both within and outside the company.

“Right from the moment of the company being independent, executive decision was taken that we would conduct CSR activities with at least the same intensity as during GE times. We are working on viable, sustainable and responsible programmes, which contribute to the enhancement of the welfare of persons, organizations and communities associated with Tungsram in any form” says CSR Leader Zsuzsanna Thierry.

Click here for the digital version of the report:



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