BCSDH weekend with chocolate Santa Clauses and fish ladders

Continuing the tradition, in 2017 BCSDH hosted its annual and most popular program, the BCSDH weekend. This year we visited Mád and its surroundings. The professional program was built around the Action 2020 focal areas: climate change and employment. In this context, we visited Nestlé’s chocolate factory in Diósgyőr. Jean Grunenwald, CEO of Nestlé, welcomed company leaders and gave a speech about the ‘Nestlé for Youth’ program.

The following day, as the guest of ALTEO Group we learned  about the more-than-100-year old, still operational hydroelectric power plant in Gibárt, which is now considered a historical monument. Following this, participants visited another renewable energy producer: a more modern hydroelectric power plant at Felsődobsza which uses a specific device to ensure the safe passage of fish; namely, fish ladders.



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