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Leading companies are aware that “business as usual” has not an option in the longer term. Investors and customers want companies to address social and environmental concerns. Businesses recognize that developing strategies to meet these needs would also contribute to their sustainability and competitiveness. At the same time, many professional NGOs see that they can achieve widespread and long lasting change by harnessing this power of the market. In order to be more effective, companies and NGOs are finding ways to work together. These partnerships, if designed and executed properly, can achieve remarkable business and environmental results—and inspire the next generation for successful cooperation.

Gaining Profit while Conserving Nature: Guidelines for cooperation of businesses and NGOs in the Visegrad countries developed throughout multi-stakeholder consultations aims to enhance business – NGO partnerships through analyzing their complexity, spreading well-working case studies as well as providing practical tips for implementation.

Download the Guideline here.

Read more: http://www.ceeweb.org/about-us/cooperation-with-business/


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