Corporate net-zero targets cannot be achieved without employee engagement – Communication Task Force on attitude formation

Can net-zero targets be met without employee attitude formation and commitment? How do we reach different groups of workers? These were the main topics of our communication working group meeting on June 13, 2023, with a large number of participants hosted by Sió-Eckes.

Emese Szász-Bognár, Communications and Media Manager, presented Sió’s sustainability activities, highlighting the 6 pillars on which the actions are based. It was interesting to see their programme to protect bees and promote beekeepers, which is also about raising public awareness. Along the lines of the net zero targets set, important actions are being taken in the areas of water and energy saving, circular economy and recyclable packaging solutions.

The company plays an important role in raising public awareness. A Sustainability Education Day for employees offers an awareness-raising joint programme for physical and mental workers.

It was here that it became clear that reaching different groups of workers is not an equal challenge. Different tools for awareness-raising need to be used with these groups. Successful employee awareness raising is the key to getting all parts of the company on track to achieve net zero targets.

Csilla Dudás, Senior Communications Manager of Unicredit Bank, presented the bank’s overall sustainability strategy, highlighting their awareness raising programmes, which include many new tools.

Because of the multiplier effect of banks here, employee awareness raising can have a much wider impact on processes. An important finding was that companies can expect their partners and value chain to take steps that they have already taken themselves, so they can only be credible.

A thought-provoking and inspiring discussion followed the presentations.