CSR Marketplace 2013 and European CSR Award

On 18th April 2013 KÖVET Association for Sustainable Economies is organizing CSR MarketPlace for the third time. Similar events have been very popular in several European countries for many years. The same day the winners of the national contest for the European CSR Award will be announced.

KÖVET Association is looking for companies that undertake their responsibility towards environment, society, employees and consumers. KÖVET is waiting for the applications of both SMEs and large companies that implemented and use CSR tools and have innovative and impactful CSR solutions. At CSR MarketPlace exhibition the companies have a special opportunity to showcase their best practices and share their experiences with the stakeholders.

The first ever pan-European Award Scheme to inspire CSR excellence in multistakeholder projects was launched at the end of 2012. Supported by the European Commission, CSR Europe and Business in the Community co-lead a consortium of 29 National CSR organizations to deliver the European CSR Award Scheme for Partnership, Innovation and Impact. There are two categories in the National Award for this overall European CSR Award Scheme: partnerships involving small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), partnerships involving larger companies.

Winners will be celebrated at both a National CSR Award Ceremony on 18th April, and at the overall European CSR Award Ceremony in Brussels in June 2013, organised by the European Commission. At the European Ceremony, winners will be presented with an Award certificate, signed by a high level representative of the European Commission.

The application form has to be sent to Zsuzsanna Győri PhD, KÖVET Association, at csrpiac2013@kovet.hu by 21st February 2013.

Exhibition fees: BCSDH members are entitled to a 20% discount!

More information:

Zsuzsanna Győri PhD, CSR expert

gyori@kovet.hu, +36 1 473 2290


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