Every business depends on nature for success

Under the banner of the Natural Capital Coalition, around 240 cross sectoral leaders gathered in London to launch the Natural Capital Protocol – the first ever standardized framework for business to measure and value its impacts and dependencies on natural capital. This is a huge leap forward.

All businesses now have access to cutting edge information that will improve decision-making with respect to nature, and allow evidence-based conversations about sustainability.

WBCSD is proud to have led development of the Protocol on behalf of the Natural Capital Coalition, through a consortium of nearly 30 businesses, service providers, NGOs, academics and individual experts to work towards this key sustainability milestone.

As business navigates an economy increasingly defined by the boundaries of our planet, it’s critical for us to begin seriously considering natural capital in every-day business decision-making, so that we truly can do more with less. The companies who do this will be better positioned to succeed as regulations change and natural resources diminish.

A smart business person will make efforts to live off the interest earned by corporate capital reserves, rather than devouring foundational capital – the time has come to do the same for nature. The Natural Capital Protocol does just that: it opens the pathway for us to treat our relationship with nature with the same careful consideration that we treat our finances.

Business leaders at the highest level now have the opportunity to truly improve their relationship with nature in a way that’s useful, reliable and accessible. Read more here.

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