EWA Spring Days 2015

This sustainable development goal pays special attention to the most urgent issues of municipal water management, ranging from access to drinking water, through waste water treatment to flood protection. In addition, the new multi-annual financial framework of the EU started in 2014. This provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate the experiences and know-how gained from the thousands of water-related development projects, worth over 10 billion Euros, that have been completed during the 2007-2013 programming period as well as to look ahead at the plans for the 2014-2020 cycle.

The objective of the Budapest Water Conference 2015 is therefore to summarize the achievements of the recent period in the field of municipal water management, to discuss the timely challenges of the sector and to adopt recommendations for the planning period to come in the light of the new development goals. In this context, the conference will specifically focus on the long term financial and technological sustainability of water services and infrastructure. In addition, special attention will be paid to support activities that are indispensable for high quality water services, such as engineering services, customer services, finance, education and training, administrative capacity.

The joint conference is designed to serve as an open and dynamic platform that enables participants to gain knowledge – through tried-and-tested solutions and practical examples presented by professionals from all around the world – on how experts handle the above challenges under similar or different circumstances.

The three day event will thus provide a timely opportunity for public and private sector decision-makers, water utility professionals, experts and other stakeholders from the developed and the developing world to exchange views and share experiences with leading international experts on the most pressing challenges and potential solutions in the field municipal water management.

During the entire programme a water industry expo will be open at the venue of the conference.

EWA Spring Days 2015
Budapest Water Conference


The opening day of the conference (4 March, Wednesday) will first discuss, in plenary format, the most important global and regional municipal water management issues in light of the recommendations of the 2014 Budapest Water Summit and the UN sustainable development goal on water. The subsequent session will be dedicated to evaluating the experiences of the EU’s previous planning cycle (2007-2013) and the development objectives and plans of the current financial framework in the field of water policy. Finally, the speakers will consider the regulatory and financial environment of water services in view of such major drivers as climate change and urbanization.

The second day of the conference (5 March, Thursday) will comprise three rounds of parallel panel sessions dedicated to the topical planning, technological and social challenges of municipal water management, such as water security/security of service, integrated municipal water resources management, education and training or stakeholder engagement.

On the final day (6 March, Friday), following the closing of the formal conference discussions, participants will be invited to visit some key water infrastructure sites in Budapest.

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