From psychosocial risk analysis to photon transformation: 27 companies presented at the BCSDH Sustainability Matchmaking

The Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH), with its membership spanning across sectors and including more than 140 companies, facilitates effective promotion of partnerships for carbon-neutral operations and the acceleration of systemic changes. The organization hosted its Sustainability Matchmaking for member companies for the third time on January 23, 2024. Balázs Tóth, President and CEO of UniCredit Bank, welcomed the participants at the event.

In the event organized under the Race to Zero program, 27 companies showcased their sustainability products and services, including unique and innovative solutions such as psychosocial risk assessment, innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of solar panels, a digital platform to support sustainability issues, or a methodology for sustainable event planning. Alongside opportunities supporting climate goals, there were also numerous solutions aiding biodiversity.


“Collaboration is the only way to lead the systemic change that the world needs for climate protection and adaptation. Only together can we achieve what no single company could do alone.” – emphasized Irén Márta, Director of BCSDH.

Following the brief presentations, informal discussions took place where the large number of interested companies seeking sustainability solutions could find potential collaborative partners.

The BCSDH 2024 focus themes also emerged during the presentation, covering areas related to human value, social inequalities, services related to employee well-being, appreciation of human capital, social exposure, mental health, and efficiency.

Introducing companies:

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