Hybrid corn, and consecrated mineral well water – report from the BCSDH Weekend

This year’s BCSDH Weekend was a delightful program for the 15 participating CEOs and their partners.

One of the hosts of the event was Matthew Pickard, CEO of Syngenta. The company’s factory in Mezőtúr processes and packages drought-tolerant hybrid seeds produced in the area, which also result in a fourfold yield. The visit also gave us an opportunity to present the Contívo project, in which farmers are taught about sustainable and efficient farming. The advantages and process of  sustainable growing were described at Syngenta’s farm in Dióskál.

Syngenta’s outstanding example of waste management was also explained. Each and every part of the corn is used, and the waste that is generated enters the circular economy as it can be used as raw material in other industries. Seeds will be sown, while the husks and cobs will be used for animal feed or as a raw material in cosmetics.

In the evening, a Frittmann wine tasting – a local phenomenon – was held at Hercegasszony Birtok, which was followed by a dinner made from local ingredients. An emerging small start-up company, TL Jeans, “dressed up” wines that were given to participants as a gift

On Saturday morning, guests were invited into the bottling plant of Szentkirályi-Kékkúti Mineral Water Kft. by the managing director, Olivér Martin. In Szentkirály, the mineral water comes to the surface in the middle of a beautiful park inside a sanctified chapel,before obtaining its final form on a most modern bottling line.

Besides listening to the success story of Szentkirályi, sustainability issues were also discussed. The company mentioned that the European Association of Mineral Water Suppliers – which it is a member of – defined the goal of collecting 90% of their PET bottles by 2025. In Hungary, the collection rate is still low, despite the fact that the infrastructure is adequate. It is highly important to raise awareness about this issue.

The two-day trip closed with an enjoyable lunch in Kecskemét.

We hereby thank the host companies and their leaders for their substantial professional program and generous hospitality.

Pictures of the event can be found here.

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