New Head of Future Leaders Program of BCSDH

From 1st  December 2016, Zsuzsanna Répássy, will take over the responsibilities of the ‘Future Leaders’ talent program.

Currently, she is head of the Net-Works course at KÜRT Akadémia and the project leader of various other digital transformation and innovation-related corporate programs. Furthermore, as Head of Community Affairs at TEDxDanubia, she supports and facilitates the embracing of the unique features of many NGOs and social issues with a special focus on sustainability. Previously, she worked as digital director of an international communications agency. During the past years, she has focused on the development of community and online knowledge-sharing methodology based on her experience as a teacher and economist, while gaining training experience from working with leaders.

Management of the Action 2020 Hungary program and related working groups will be taken over by Irén Márta, Managing Director of BCSDH, until new project management is appointed.

Mandy Fertetics will continue her work outside BCSHD within other fields of corporate sustainability from 1st  December 2016.

Mandy has provided valuable professional support for two classes of the ‘Future Leaders’ talent program. In the Action 2020 program she started work as a consultant, and then achieved significant results as BCSDH’s Head of Corporate Programs. We would like to thank her for this important work and wish her good luck in her future career.

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