New president at BCSDH

Attila Chikán Jr. was elected to new president by the general assembly of Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary. The new president follows István Salgó CEO of ING Bank in the position, who, according to the assembly’s unanimous decision, will assist BCSDH as an Honorary President. Under Mr. Salgó’s leadership the organization became a significant player in the recognition of sustainability’s importance in business in Hungary. The number of member companies increased to 72, which altogether are producing close to 30 percent of Hungarian GDP. The goals of Attila Chikán Jr. are ensuring the continuity of the ongoing, successful programs; making BCSDH’s activities more tangible and visible for the public and political decision makers; and improving the international relations of the organization.

The newly elected president’s work will be supported by a four-member board. Its reelected member is Zsolt Jamniczky, vice-presidend of E.ON Hungaria. The three new members are Dr. Ágnes Fábián, excecutive director of HENKEL Hungary; Zoltán Gazsi, executive director of eisberg Hungary; and Dr. Thomas Nareshubert, executive director of BASF Hungaria, elected by the assembly. The mandate of President and the Executive board is for three years.

The management of BCSDH will still be in the hands of Irén Márta, who was elected to director last year, and switched her board delegation to directorate.

“We initiated several successful programs during the last six years. “The Complex Interpretation of Corporate Sustainability”-titled base document provides a guideline for sustainable company operation to domestic leaders. Over a 100 organizations have joined our initiative by the signing the document. The success of our “Future Leaders Talent Program” is well-shown by the fact that we start the third class this year. In the meantime the Action 2020 Hungary called the business sector for action, to find professional solutions to the challenges come from the basic expectations of sustainable development” – highlighted the largest successes of the previous years’ István Salgó, according to whom, these results do not mean, that the new president will have an easy run, as the organization needs to be improved on numerous fields.

“Regarding the already started programs, my main task is to keep our momentum, and guarantee the continuity of the current, high-level professional work. I also consider sharing our results and making our activity more visible to the wider public and political decision makers as a crucial task. As Hungary, due to its size, cannot demonstrate major results on the field of sustainable development on its own, I would like to vitalize our regional co-operations and partnerships as well” – outlined his most important tasks Attila Chikán Jr., who, as leader of the Action 2020 workgroup and mentor of young leaders, actively participated in BCSDH’s professional work in the previous years.  

The new leadership of Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary


Attila Chikán Jr. – President

Mr. Chikán has a degree in economics and over a decade of professional and leadership experience in the field of energy. The ALTEO group, lead by him since its foundation and operating in the alternative and renewable energy sectors, as of today is already one of the most important, Hungarian-owned players in the industry. As father of two, Attila Chikán Jr. is dedicated to principles of sustainability: he writes his own blog under the name of Chikansplanet, and for the education of investors, he launched an information site named Smartivnest focusing on energy investments.

FabianAgnesDr. Ágnes Fábián
Henkel Magyarország Kft.
Adhesives Technologies business unit executive

Member of Henkel Magyarország Kft’s team since 1996. She became the business unit executive at the Henkel Adhesive Technologies by finding her way through the company hierarchy and spending 9 years in international environment, besides which she is also fulfilling Henkel Magyarország’s CEO position since 2011. Dr. Fábián began her career in 1990 at Biogal Gyógyszergyár Hélia’s cosmetics sales division. Later on she worked as regional sales manager at Maybeline’s and Loctite Magyarország, when Henkel aquired the company. Her aim is to make even more leaders to realize that sustainability and value creation for customers are inevitable for good performance.

GazsiZoliZoltán Gazsi
Managing Director
eisberg Hungary Kft.

Managing Director of eisberg since 2007. After graduating at University of Agricultural Sciences in Gödöllő, he worked for the National Institute for Agricultural Quality Control, followed by 14 years of working in a multinational environment at Syngenta: after leading the Experimental Station at Ócsa, he had various marketing- and project-coordinator jobs on increasingly large fields, including almost all continents. He believes in good examples seen at the companies have an impact on the families of the employees, on the direct and indirect environment of the company and these impacts are inevitable to start the significant changes on the level of society.

JamniczkyZsoltZsolt Jamniczky
Member of the Board of Directors, E.ON Hungária Zrt.

E.ON Hungária Group’s director for central affairs since 2007 and Deputy CEO of the company since 2010. After completing his studies, Mr. Jamniczky served as an adviser in the foreign relations office of the Hungarian National Assembly. In 1996 he was appointed director for corporate affairs at the Reemtsma Hungary  Debrecen-based tobacco company. This was followed by the director for corporate affairs position at Philip Morris Hungary until 2005, then, between 2006 and 2007, Mr. Jamniczky was Philip Morris International’s director of EU government relations at the company’s Brussels office. He studied at the Budapest University of Economics and the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences. Mr. Jamniczky’s main fields of interest include corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility in the constantly changing economic and social environment and innovation in the energy sector.

ThomasNarbeshuberDr. Thomas Narbeshuber
Managing Director, BASF Hungária Kft.
Vice President, BASF Group

Vice president of BASF Group, leader of BASF South-East Europe, and Managing director of the BASF Hungary. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and began his career as a researcher in 1995 at BASF’s centre in Ludwigshafen. During the last two decades Dr. Narbeshuber expanded his knowledge in numerous fields and countries via the company. He believes that by adopting the sustainability mindset, the company gains competitive edge, increases market share, and boosts shareholder value also besides the given social and environmental effect.

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